Dang! Now I can’t stream lame NBA games

Apparently the piracy of a professional sports event online is a matter of urgent national security, a threat so dire that Homeland Security special agents are seizing and shutting down these nefarious operations. Some hoo-ha about federal law, felony offense, offenders face up to five years and other bad stuff.

Not making this up. Deadspin had an amusing take on the subject. If you read the fourth paragraph, wink-wink, it offered a barely concealed message. Alas, their plans were foiled by the killjoys at Homeland Security.

So now how am I supposed to watch the Super Bowl in balky, low-resolution video the way it’s supposed to be watched? Huh? I’ll be forced to watch it over at Mags’ place on his jumbo hi-def TV! That’s just wrong!


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