Big air, big trouble

Sunday was, of course, Super Bowl Sunday. But another sporting event stole the day for me.

Matt was going for that bug-eye look.

Matt was snowboarding on the slopes at Brandywine/Boston Mills (can’t remember which one), his third time out. A beginner, you could say. Well, he decided to take a shot at a non-beginner’s jump. Caught some big air, bigger than he could handle and landed flat on his back.

The human body is not designed to fall 15 feet and land flat. The result is a couple of compression fractures in lumbar vertebrae. Luckily, very luckily, there is no nerve damage. I shudder to think of how awful that could have been.

So apparently he didn’t move for a few seconds after landing. But he did get up, and managed to get to the bottom of the hill without the aid of the ski patrol.

He called home and said the bring some painkillers. I didn’t think much more about that and proceeded to the Super Bowl party as planned.

A couple of hours later DeAnne sent a message that Matt was being admitted to Akron Children’s Hospital with compressed spinal fracture. After an overnight stay, the doctors would see if surgery was needed. This is not the kind of news a parent welcomes.

He’s not in a lot of pain, but that could be the Percocet talking. Until he gets the body cast he’s not supposed to move his midsection at all. I’ve seen him lie still for a few hours at a time (Look! The human pile of laundry!), but it’s gonna be tough sitting still for all that time.

We’ve all read and heard about vibrant young people finding their lives turned upside down by a traumatic injury, maybe we even know someone, but to come this close to a tragic injury is frightening. Right now, I feel a huge sense of relief and gratitude that he’ll be OK.

As a side note, when I posted on Facebook what had happened the response of support was immediate. Thanks, all!


2 thoughts on “Big air, big trouble

  1. Dave,

    As you know, when I feel and shattered both of my ankles and broke my left leg, I fell from about 16 feet or so. I know I was lucky, and I know Matt was too. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers….

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