Snow? Snow! Snow …

I played with the image a little, making it black&white and really blasting the contrast for a more dramatic image. This is the Cuyahoga River at Gorge Park, shot from the High Bridge Trail side.


I make no claim to being a digital Ansel Adams, but the shot above seemed like a good candidate for the black and white treatment. The sky was still overcast from the snow the night before, so the lighting was pretty blah. No blue sky, no color-saturated sunset. Still not much color to be found. I hear occasional reports of crocuses (croci?) and daffodils popping, but I haven’t seen any yet. It’s only March 11 and this is Northeast Ohio. I suppose I should just move so I can find something more interesting to bitch about than the crappy winters around here.


Mr. Cardinal is looking dapper in black and red. Same trail as above.

A rare bit of color other than white, gray or mud.

A horizontal tree stretches out over the Cuyahoga.

This is the Oakwood Cemetery in Cuyahoga Falls. Shot from my backyard.







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