Ego, deflated

Here I was, all excited that my little blog’s unique visits flirted with 2,000 in February. Then I saw this:

Well, it’s not like I’m aggregating every known medium through my little akrondave blog, but still. My peak, last month, was 1,931 unique visits. Funny thing is, the Hubspot Website Grader Report said my little bloggy blog was better in terms of content and SEO, blah, blah, than 70 percent of the sites it had rated.

That either means mine ain’t so bad or there are a lot of sucky websites/blogs out there. I suspect it’s the latter. For laffs, a comparative grid:

Weeks 5-8 represent February. So, yeah, it’s big jump, and I actually worked at it a bit. But it’s still small potatoes. But then I have to remind myself that what I’m doing is really just a hobby, satisfying my sense of curiosity vs. a ranch-size SEO farm cranking out content widgets by the ton each hour.


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