Ah, spring in the valley

I’v e been making a fairly earnest attempt to catch images of stuff in all seasons, months even, to get a sense of what goes on around here. Sometimes it’s more exciting than other times. Mid-March is kind of an in-between time. Snow is more-or-less gone, but the big spring thing is not yet happening. So we settle for what we can get.

First flower I saw this year in its natural state.

In spring, the last of the dead leaves become translucent. Translucent in the sky with diamonds.

I shot this as kind of a Plan B for the previous translucent leaf, but I did not expect the dramatic contrast between the the leaf and the dark background. The sunlight seems to pierce the delicate remnants of the leaf from last summer.

Sometimes it's just unusual shapes or shades that grab your eye. Weird Wood is one such example.


Barking up the right tree


Fuzzy out front with a touch of green


A thin layer of ice remains at Indigo Lake.


The amazingly widespread Coniferus Orangutanus crops up at NatureRealm


A bit 'o green


Dam them beavers!


The hemlock society

From a different perspective. At Nature Realm.




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