It got a tad chilly tonight – the tripod started sticking to my fingers, I thought – but I managed to snag a few snaps of the “supermoon” that rose in clear skies this evening. Wasn’t all that super.  A little bigger than usual (it’s an optical illusion), but not dramatically so.

When the moon hits your eye ...


This is the Cuyahoga Falls City Hall clock spire being outshined by the moon. The time on the clock isn't quite right.


The moon appears over the acoustic "sails" at Falls River Square, home of Rockin' on the River in summer.



To capture the detail of the lunar surface, you have to back off on the exposure, which seems to add a yellow cast to the image. I might fool around with this to get a whiter moon. Or not.

We seem to be counting backward in this series of photos. This dusk shot comes about a half-hour or so before the moon rose.

All churchy and stuff.

Sunset as seen on the bridge that connects Main Street in Akron to State Road in Cuyahoga Falls over the Cuyahoga River. If I were a better photographer I'd figure a way to get better light in the lower part while preserving the color in the sunlit sky.

Making a cameo appearance is Henry, the Squirrel with No Tail, who popped up just as I was striking out in pursuit of the Elusive Supermoon. Henry has made occasional appearances at AkronDave for two years now, earning "him" a spot in the pantheon of AkronDave lore. Whatever that means.



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