My new career: B&E, safecracking

This, of course, is tongue-in-cheek. This is a very real safe in my mom’s house. It’s behind a wooden cabinet door. Mom lost the key somewhere along the way, and now that she’s selling the house wanted potential buyers to see the safe. So she had me put my best breaking and entering skills to work. Who knew juvenile delinquency could have useful benefits?

(Memo to real burglars:  There is nothing of value left in the house. Garage sale last week took care of that. Stay away or I will hunt you to the ends of the Earth.)

What was it Sarah Palin said? Oh, yeah: Drill, baby, drill!

Smile! You're on surveillance camera!


Here’s a little tip for you would-be safecrackers: Drilling out a lock generates quite a bit of heat. That lock and that drill bit will burn you but good if you’re not careful. I have the scar to prove it! See:


Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark.



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