Antiques (hit the) Road Show

Hurry, hurry, step right up, see the amazing old manual typewriter. It’s a genuine Underwood, with keys you pound mercilessly to make type appear on a page! See the old metal riding toys: A Tru-matic bulldozer and a locomotive. These babies survived at least three generations of abuse at the hands of hyperactive boys, so you know they’re tough! The lighting in my basement “studio” is a little odd, so the colors on the locomotive and bulldozer are a tad off. The train engine is a darkish red with a black bonnet/seat and faded turquoise steering handle. The bulldozer is orange with a blue seat and some “custom” modifications in the paint: Somebody drew a “grille” on the front.

These are posted on eBay if you’re interested in adding them to your collection of antiques. That is if you collect antiques. See where it says “Click on this photo” just beneath the photo? That’s your cue to make a bid on these ridiculous and utterly unnecessary items for your burgeoning antiques collection! C’mon, you’ve been telling yourself you need a hobby. Here it is: Antiques. Soon you’ll be cruising consignment shops and spending afternoons touring the countryside in search of estate sales. Your name will be all over eBay.



Click on this photo to view item on eBay.


Click on this photo to view item on eBay.


Side view of the choo-choo.

Plastic purple fish not included. Although we could negotiate a price ...


Click on this photo to view item on eBay.

Yup, it's a gen-yoo-wine Tru-matic from Mount Vernon, New York!

I also have a very nice Royal typewriter that is in excellent condition. I’m not inclined to sell it, because it’s kind of a reminder of my early days as would-be cub reporter. And now the underemployed journalista. But for the right price, I could be persuaded to reconsider selling it.


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