Ugly Americans

I won’t dignify the “joke” by showing it here. It’s an unflattering depiction of an Obama family “portrait.” It’s ugly, racist, disgusting.

And yet there are a few racist a**holes who think this is funny.

Funny enough to share with (they think) like-minded friends.

I ended a friendship over one of those “jokes.” It wasn’t the joke itself that ended the friendship: It was his reaction when I challenged him on it.

Racism brings out the ugly in people, sometimes unexpectedly ugly.

And now this stupid email “joke” is going viral. At least this time the perpetrator’s colleagues have said, Enough. Orange County (Calif.) Tea Party Republican Marilyn Davenport is the culprit, according to reports. Is anyone surprised by her affiliation?



But this is too much for sane Republicans, which describes most California Republicans. I’ve talked to a few California Republicans over the years, and they tend to sound a lot like Southern Democrats (minus the Southern accents). They tend to occupy the center of the political spectrum.  I’m a little surprised that this surfaced in Southern California, of all places.

But you can find racism anywhere if you don’t ignore it.

Davenport says it’s not big deal. She responded with the tired, lame non-apology.  “I’m sorry if my email offended anyone, I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth,” she wrote in an email after the fact. She has refused to step down as an OC party official. Well, the party may not give her a choice.

Perhaps sometimes the best way to deal with bad behavior is to ignore it. But sometimes it must be called out and scorned.

You, Marilyn Davenport, deserve a nation’s scorn.


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