Tip-toe through the tulips

This is nothing spectacular – just a splash of color after a long, long winter in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. While high winds knocked out power and knocked down trees in the area and Mother Nature unleashed death and mayhem in the South, my tulips and cherry tree (and dandelions) were doing their April thing. Now that it’s nearly May. Been that kind of winter/spring.

So without further ado:

No, we're not in Holland. But the bulbs may have been there.

About as good as the house is gonna look. Hey, somebody get the mail already!

Well, it ain't Myrtle Beach, but it's myrtle.

The (weeping) cherry blossoms are a couple of weeks behind Washington's schedule.

Well the grass is rizz, as the old saw goes. But if it don’t stop raining for a day, damn yard’s gonna drown! These pix were shot between spasms of rain and wind. On the bright side, it’s not snowing or sleeting. We must count our blessings, no matter how minuscule they are. Thank you, Lord, for not making me shovel 2 feet of snow today.

Tulips bend but they don't break. Unless you break them.


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