Osama’s photograph

I’d like to see the photo of a dead Osama bin Laden. I really would.

Not because I need more “proof” that he’s actually dead. I don’t. But it’s my curious (some might say nosy) nature that makes me want to see, to supplement my imagination of how the SEAL Team 6 raid went down.

But I guess that’s not going to happen unless someone in the White House leaks it out. And of course there will be dozens of fakes. There already are.

Reuters DID release photos it acquired at the scene, but not of bin Laden. Follow the link if you want to look. They are pretty gruesome.

President Obama has decided not to release the photos taken at the scene in Pakistan. I am disappointed. I am journalista, after all. But I think he’s doing the right thing.

There’s nothing to gain by releasing the photos. At this point, we either believe bin Laden is dead, or we don’t. No further presentation of evidence – not even the body itself – will convince the non-believers (at least the uniquely nutty American breed of doubters) that he is dead.

Obama was worried that releasing the photos would further inflame parts of the world, and especially anger bin Laden’s supporters and perhaps give al-Qaida new impetus, rather than demoralize it.

I caught part of a discussion on the radio today. The guest, whose name I missed, had an interesting point about Obama’s style.

Rather than being boastful, he’s taking the “Speak softly and carry a big stick” approach. Don’t say a lot about it, but when the opportunity presents itself, WHAM! That’s what the SEALs did. Taking care of business.

And now, rather than put bin Laden’s head on a stick (something I wanted to do out of anger and vengeance), they did the smart thing and quietly cleaned up and went about their business.

The way this military operation has been executed – even the helicopter malfunction was expertly handled – and the deft approach by the White House in presenting the information, even amending the details, has been smart. Well-planned, well-executed. Very matter-of-fact.

The haters are going to hate, the nonbelievers are still nonbelievers. It doesn’t matter.

As the guy on the radio suggested, this quietly effective – and deadly – approach probably plants greater fear in the minds of would-be terrorists. We’re coming for you and you won’t know when we do it. You’ll already be dead.

No loud braying about how big and bad we are. No need for that. Our actions speak.


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