A little dash of nature in the Cuyahoga River Valley

I said I’d go for a walk and so I did. Nice day, so any excuse to get outside works for me.

Pretty nice payoff, as far as sights to see and record. We had some turtles, some snakes, plenty of birds (including a nice up-close encounter with a blue heron), and lots of green and some flowers starting to pop.

And now for some still photos:

A funky little white flower.

This particular turtle is getting a little quiet time in the sun.

What do turtles talk about when they gather on a log? The weather?

Ooh, colorful

Mr. (or Ms., I can never tell) Heron spies something in the water ... and ...

NAB! It's hard to tell, but I think Mr. Heron got something. Click on the image, then click it again in its own window to get a bigger look at it. Or see the close-up crop below ...

A closer look reveals only water and the ripple from the heron's lightning strike. He could qualify for SEAL Team 6!

This was one of a pair of snakes hanging out by the water. Any snake experts out there to identify this species? They were smallish, no more than 30 inches long. Probably less.

That diagonal line of mud along the water is the handiwork of beavers.

Purple martin at a hollowed out tree on the beaver pond.

Interesting factoid about purple martins. They are reputed to be voracious mosquito eaters, but some ornithologists studied the stomachs of (dead) purple martins and found hardly any mosquitos in them. Lots of other bugs and stuff, but few if any skeeters. And I have observed in several occasions that purple martins will dive-bomb people quite aggressively in certain times of the year. They must be nesting. The Lake Erie martins are especially ornery.

Not sure, but this looks like a cherry blossom.

I forgot the squirrel. Here he is:

Yup, a squirrel.


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