Nice day on the trail

It was amateur hour on the Towpath. They’re easy to spot: the clueless ones walking three and four wide across the trail, oblivious to the bikers zipping by them until one of ’em gets clobbered.

Share the trail, folks.

The wetlands are visibly wet right now. Lotta rain this spring.

Also wet.

These could make good palm trees if you needed a miniaturized movie set. You know, for Godzilla scenes and such.

Ooh, pretty.

There were the usual inhabitants of the Cuyahoga River Valley: mallards, geese, chipmunks out the yin-yang (yeah, big whoop, I have a half-dozen or so of them in my backyard.), birds of many feathers, and lots and lots of first-time-out hikers. Lots of joggers, and small packs of cyclists dressed to look like they’re serious cyclists. I say, good man, which way to the peloton?

These pix were shot with the nearly antique Sony Coolpix L1. I haven’t attempted to take the SLR while biking — it’s a tad bulkier and I will die if something bad happens to it. No, really, my wife will kill me. At least it would save on divorce costs!


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