Bike & Hike!

Worked in an 8-mile jaunt during a lull in my 12-hour day on the Bike & Hike trail. Started at the Hudson Drive parking lot, worked through some moderate climbs (and resisted stopping at Fridays for a beverage break) and ended up near Route 303.

The scenery is decidedly different from the Towpath – more suburban, with a some meadows thrown in. This patch is paved almost the entire way and it’s hillier. In essence, it’s a dual-purpose trail – part recreational trail, part utility access road for FirstEnergy. A few years back several power lines were down along the trail, which could have been dangerous for any idiot who thought it would be fun to play with the wires. But that would prove Darwin right, wouldn’t it?

I stayed in this lovely flophouse for a week when I first moved here from South Carolina 15 years ago. I could have flopped at in-laws', but they had cats. I'm deathly allergic to cats. Plus, I smoked back then, and kind of kept it a secret.

Route 8 from Bike & Hike bridge near Route 303. It's no swamp, but it's something. Summer must be coming – road construction is in full swing.

This lovely abode must have a room with a view.

I’d have shot more pictures, but the batteries in my dusty old Coolpix L1 were running low. If they had died, you might never have had the chance to enjoy the lovely shack above!


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