Another jaunt on the Towpath, toward points south

Today I took a trip through a part of the Towpath I have not been on before.

Starting at the big bend near Merriman Road, I headed the wrong way at first, turned around and headed (more or less) south. Went a little past the Memorial Parkway and came back. This part of the Towpath follows the trunk sewer line (ahem, there seem to be some leaks in that line) quit a bit.

This part of the Towpath has a few, shall we say, handicaps. It’s got that big sewer pipe, and the distinct stench of sewage does occasionally assault the olfactory. It’s not especially picturesque compared to parts of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It’s a little more urban, which is kind of unavoidable, being in a city and all. Still, there are some nice stretches and a cool winding wooden overpass. Plus the railroad was under construction, with some funky railroad tie-laying equipment I don’t think I’ve seen before.

I been working on the railroad ... alllll the livelong day.

Apparently railroad building and maintenance is something we've yet to figure out to automate and digitize. It still takes good old-fashioned man-power and a few well-run machines.

River island splits the difference.

If the golf course super saw this, he'd probably have kittens. Yes, that's at the edge of a golf course. Photos to follow ...

This is a fairly alarming sign even without the context of its location.

And now we give you context. Yikes! Hope I never have a, um, bathroom emergency when that alarm goes off, especially if someone is smoking nearby ...

Oh, he got all of that one! That blurry white thing just right of the tree is the ball. No, not the dandelion tufts, the bigger white blur. Memo to self: Remember to up the ISO and shutter speed settings when shooting golf shots.

And there's the ball on the green. Nice shot! Chance for birdie. If I'm reading the map correctly, this is the Valleyview Golf Club.

Turtles as seen from above on wooden overpass.

It’s been a busy week, but I have found an hour or two midday to peel away from deskbound work to venture out on dual work-recreation trips several times this week. When you’re a Patch editor, you’re never completely off the clock.

This stretch of the Towpath does have a few things worth experiencing, maybe once, but if Akron could find a way to eliminate the sewage stench, that would be a good thing. The trail here has a few pretty mild climbs, as opposed to the almost completely flat CVNP parts of the Towpath.

There were a couple of patrol folk who pointed out that I had illegally taken my bike onto a side trail that was designated for hikers only.

Memo to Metro Parks, Serving Summit County: Time to refresh some of your signage. It’s scarcely noticeable.

Someday when I grow up, I hope to complete the entire Towpath Trail. In one day, if I’m feeling especially ambitious.


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