Workin’ the Pelee Shrimp Shack

There are actual shrimp at the Pelee Shrimp Shack. But that’s not important. What’s important is that actual work was done at the cottage Chez Horstman. There was the usual sight-seeing and photo-snapping and beach-wandering, of course, but we’ll save that for another post or two. For now, work.

Eric mans the mess hall.

One of the projects last weekend was to paint the wall in bathroom #1. This meant removing (part of) the "terlet," as Archie Bunker called it.

This is an under-counter mounted sink on a stone (granite, I believe) slab countertop. Fancy-schmancy! The tricky part was getting the sink aligned with the cut-out in the counter.

This was part of my great-grandmother's bedroom set, a Victorian-era dresser. It's being converted to a vanity in bathroom #1, with the stone countertop (see above). Yours truly is the saw-happy "craftsman" who set up this outfit.

Note the precision of this craftsman's work. Lucky for all of us, this will be hidden from view.

Some wall repair needs a bit of touch-up. The drywall put in after the plumbers moved the water and waste lines isn't exactly flush with the existing wall, so some filling and smoothing is needed. This will take three or four more sand-and-fills before it's ready to paint.

Eric, once again in the mess hall, shot from the loft.

We got a lot accomplished last weekend, but not quite everything Eric and Yvonne wanted to complete. The vanity in bathroom #1 needed more time for the glue to cure. The cool, wet air didn’t help. But the instructions said it needed 48 hours anyway. So next time will be installation time. This should be a relatively easy and straightforward installation (knock on wood, see previous post), assuming the sink adheres to the counter properly.

We hauled a trailerload of crap up – beds. the vanity, a huge wooden table that weighed about a ton (a slight exaggeration) and a new refrigerator.

Chez Horstman is really shaping up nicely. The doors have been installed – no more draping towels across the bathroom threshold. The well and septic are up and running. There are actual beds in each bedroom and the loft, couches and sofa beds, a small library of books for rainy days. There’s food in the fridge and pantry and you can’t beat the view. Graffiti now adorns the unfinished parts of the cottage, including a festive hopscotch board in the “wreck room.” (You can see a small bit of it in the photo of the vanity above.)

The look is eclectic, relaxed, fun and it has something representing the last three or four generations of Horstman, Wilson, Siegle and McAdams.


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