A stairway to heaven?

And she's buying a stairway to heaven.


If there were a stairway to heaven, I wonder if it would look something like this.



Have camera, will travel (but not too far for now)

Here are a few random images that weren’t exactly newsworthy but, I thought, at least a little interesting. If you carry a camera around often enough, sooner or later you’ll stumble across something interesting.

A deer trapped on a farm field near the Hale Farm and Village. It found a gap in the fence eventually – probably the same one it found on the way in. Of course the fence is probably meant to keep marauding deer out, not in.

This "green" building at Sand Run Metro Park houses the rangers' office.

Lilies have taken over much of the beaver pond along the Towpath Trail.

This large snapping turtle – though not the biggest I've ever seen – is pretty near the top of the food chain in the beaver pond.

Bikers and hikers on the Towpath have to suffer through views like this. Oh, the suffering!

Rain on the Scarecrow

Dear WordPress,

I haven’t forgotten or forsaken you. I’ve just been really busy. Just yesterday I was driving around in the rain and this is what I saw:

I saw this in the Fairlawn community garden and immediately the John Mellencamp tune, Rain on the Scarecrow, came to mind. Clink on the link to see the video. Excellent song from a really good album from 1985. I also posted this on Patch.



Twinkle, Twinkle

Google created a super fun doodle to celebrate Les Paul’s 96th Birthday. That was two days ago, but the reverberations of the event carry on. And on. And on.

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The Floodwater 40 bike hike

Yes, the previously annual Floodwater 40 is back. And yes, though it was actually more like 42 miles, the original name stays. We already have T-shirts. The name came from the first time my brother, sister and brother-in-law hiked from Eric and Yvonne’s house in Cleveland through the Ohio and Erie Canalway Towpath to my house in Cuyahoga Falls. They calculated that the ride was about 40 miles.

It was Memorial Day weekend, I believe in 1999, and they hit waist deep floodwater and had a couple of flat tires on the way. In spite of that, they kept doing it, occasionally altering the route a bit, but it always includes a stop at the Winking Lizard in Peninsula, roughly halfway into the ride. I joined the ride in 2003 (Previously as host I had managed to avoid riding, and suffered much harassment as a result), and eventually we turned it into a one-day trip from Y&E’s to Peninsula and back.

This year we resumed the tradition much in the manner of  Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial Tournament – we staged it a week later. Y&E’s daughter Natalie joined us this year, which presented some interesting challenges. Yes, I did a stint pulling a trailer and kid that combined to weigh close to 100 pounds. Eric pulled the trailer for the entire first leg and it almost did him in. Yvonne, Derek and I split it up on the way back. Natalie rode on her own for about 4 miles. Not bad for a 5-year-old kid, huh? I don’t think I even learned to ride until I was 6.

On to the photos, taken with my trusty, decrepit old Nikon Coolpix L1.

Scandal be damned, Yvonne flies her Buckeye Nation flag.

Note the Road Closed sign at the trailhead.

This would explain the sign. But a little fault line won't stop us. Onward!

Had I been a little smarter, I would have taken my downhill momentum to the next bridge only a short way ahead. But as you can plainly see, I was not smart. But my legs still felt fresh and I didn't mind. Yet.

Folks are dressed in 1820s garb for that authentic Early Ohio look. How-DEE!

Natalie is running with the big dogs! And giving dad a break.

Wedding Party at the lock in Peninsula. Interesting scenery choice.

By the time we got to the M.D. Garage, Eric was hurting. We stopped to cool off, get some water and regroup. I was worried that he could have a heatstroke, or at least some heat exhaustion. Plan B, try to catch the train for part of the way back. Plan C: Take turns hauling the trailer, We didn’t have a Plan D. (It occurs to me now that one or two of us could  bike back to Y&E’s house and get the minivan for a rendez-vous.)

At the Lizard, hydrated, cooled off, sated.

So we had a much later-than-expected lunch and revised plans for post-ride cookout.

Yes, another wedding party. They seemed rather amused that I took their picture.

Ronald McDonald House was planning a fundraising ride later that evening. It was already 5 p.m. by now. I was lugging the trailer at this point. Lucky for me, Natalie was in the mood to ride some more.

My shift with the ball and chain – ahem, trailer – ended at mile marker 9, right between the two big bridge hills.

Mom and dautghter post-ride. I think Nat speaks for us all: Whew!

Matt’s 16th birthday

Our firstborn is 16. Eligible to drive. All that.

We took him and a couple of buddies, Miles and Andrew, to see the Akron Aeros play AA baseball. Good times. Fireworks. Pictures.

Andrew, Miles, Matt, DeAnne and Lindsey

Juuuust a bit outside. Lindsey tries to dunk the girl in the tank.

There's not a bad seat in the house.

Oh, yes, there was a ballgame.

Not an auspicious start for the good guys. Error at first. It doesn't get much better.

He was called out, but the camera says he was safe.

Spycam is on the case.

Spycam: Tennis, anyone?

Spycam on DeAnne and Lindsey.

An "umpire" gets in the act with BirdZerk between innings. It's actually pretty entertaining.

Why does a dog lick its, um, junk? Because it can.

Night falls.




And the finale:

A tribute band to The Who just wrapped up with "Won't Get Fooled Again."

Da boyz post game.