Matt’s 16th birthday

Our firstborn is 16. Eligible to drive. All that.

We took him and a couple of buddies, Miles and Andrew, to see the Akron Aeros play AA baseball. Good times. Fireworks. Pictures.

Andrew, Miles, Matt, DeAnne and Lindsey

Juuuust a bit outside. Lindsey tries to dunk the girl in the tank.

There's not a bad seat in the house.

Oh, yes, there was a ballgame.

Not an auspicious start for the good guys. Error at first. It doesn't get much better.

He was called out, but the camera says he was safe.

Spycam is on the case.

Spycam: Tennis, anyone?

Spycam on DeAnne and Lindsey.

An "umpire" gets in the act with BirdZerk between innings. It's actually pretty entertaining.

Why does a dog lick its, um, junk? Because it can.

Night falls.




And the finale:

A tribute band to The Who just wrapped up with "Won't Get Fooled Again."

Da boyz post game.


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