Have camera, will travel (but not too far for now)

Here are a few random images that weren’t exactly newsworthy but, I thought, at least a little interesting. If you carry a camera around often enough, sooner or later you’ll stumble across something interesting.

A deer trapped on a farm field near the Hale Farm and Village. It found a gap in the fence eventually – probably the same one it found on the way in. Of course the fence is probably meant to keep marauding deer out, not in.

This "green" building at Sand Run Metro Park houses the rangers' office.

Lilies have taken over much of the beaver pond along the Towpath Trail.

This large snapping turtle – though not the biggest I've ever seen – is pretty near the top of the food chain in the beaver pond.

Bikers and hikers on the Towpath have to suffer through views like this. Oh, the suffering!


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