Bambi on the bike path

Bambi wasn’t in imminent danger, but he needed to scoot out of the way before I got to the bottom of the hill. There was at least one other fawn scampering about with mama doe, I guess crossing from the river side of the Bike and Hike path between routes 59 and 91 in Silver Lake/Munroe Falls toward a woodsier section. Gangway!

The deer gave me that usual puzzled look, as if asking themselves, “What’s that dude doing? Is that a gun or food?” Wish I’d had the D-90 with me; it would have given me a nice close-up of Bambi on the bike path. This’ll have to do.

If Bambi thinks he can stop me from coming down this hill, he's got another think coming.

He thought better as I got closer.

With mama, safe and sound. Baby still has his spots.


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