So I had a class reunion

The turnout was a little disappointing, but those who did show up seemed to be having a good time.

I haven't paid for my copy of the picture yet. I'm working on it!

We were way past the pretenses of bragging about careers  (Me: Career? What career?). We bragged about our kids instead. No, really, I talked to some people in the space of those hours Saturday night perhaps more than I ever did while in school. Which might be the biggest regret I have about high school. I wish I had made a little more effort to get to know a few more people then.

Not that I was unfriendly. We had a friendly, pretty harmonic class. The jocks and the nerds and the stoners would actually hang out at parties and stuff. I floated among several circles – I hesitate to even call them cliques, because our class wasn’t very cliquish. At the reunion I recognized almost everyone instantly, which I thought was pretty cool. Didn’t make it to other “unofficial” events that had different groups turn up — I would have liked to hit the football game. Maybe wear my old #62 game jersey.

The smaller turnout (Still the best of the several classes that organized at the high school – which I thought was a bit odd, until the tours made apparent that the school viewed this as an opportunity to raise some $$$, cynical me) – where was I? Oh, yes – the smaller turnout gave everyone time to talk a lot more than a big crowd would permit. No hiding from exes and the like.

Some of the conversations got pretty deep – life struggles, marriage, death (I don’t recall much discussion about taxes). It wasn’t really the stuff I’d expect from a class reunion, but I felt like we were kind of in a comfort zone. So we talked.

The subject of nicknames came up (I’ll not state mine here, but it related to an aquatic rodent), which gave us all some laughs now decades later.


Jeez, maybe that’s the part that bothered me most. We’re all getting older. Some of us aren’t of this earth anymore. We’re not fresh, shiny and new anymore, although most everybody looked terrific (I’m just happy to have all my hair intact). In one touch of vanity, I wore contacts to the reunion, which I don’t wear very often because they dry out my eyes. By the end of the night my eyes were toast.

Given my particular financial situation, I didn’t know if I could or if I even should go, but I did and I’m glad I did. Maybe next time I’ll have more to brag about.


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