Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving with family in Canal Winchester, Ohio, a charming little village southeast of Columbus. This was the first Thanksgiving at brother John’s.

I managed to take a few photos between rounds of overeating and games of euchre – and Eric and I even managed to squeeze in a run (well, what qualifies for what I call a “run”) – before we all collapsed in a heap.

It was a Good Day. It capped off a Good Week.

Let's see: Striped blue-and-white shirt: Check. Blue sweater vest -- oops, one of us is out of uniform. WWTS -- What Would Tressel Say? Well, he's kinda out of favor, so it doesn't matter.

Aunt Cici, our host Uncle/brother John, Weas (aka Mike), Eric The Small. And that's part of DeAnne to the far left.

Aunt Cici, Grammy (mom), Uncle Jim, Your Humble Blogger

Derek and Kim picking over the carcass as host John yells "Sweeney!" Not entirely sure what that's about. Not gonna ask.

Woulda been a nice family portrait except some idiot photographer cropped out half of dad's head. This is why we take multiple shots.

And this time Yvonne finds a way to crop Eric out of the picture. Maybe the big guy should take a hint?

Well, here's a motley crew: Grammy, Matt, Logan, Lindsey, Scott and a partially obscured John (yeah, buddy, you can hide, but we'll find you!).

Goofing with Lindsey, John, Nat and Logan

Matt, DeAnne and Lindsey

Matt n Nat. So who's the bigger ham?

And what a handsome couple (not that I'm kissing up for any particular reason)