Beautiful Day – or, I want to ride my bicycle

Well, I finally got out on the bike for the first time this year. Temps in the 60s, sunny, no major chores on the agenda, no excuses. Rode a few miles, felt a little tightness in the legs but no major aches or pains. And snapped a few pix. Highlights or lowlights:

The playground at Water Works was full of kids and their parental units.

They're still feeding the feral cats in the park. Not really a good idea.

Somebody has caught the dread Treefish.

These out-of-focus bobbers seem to indicate that our intrepid angler is not the first victim of this tree.

Lots of activity on the trail.

At the homestead with neighbors and cousins. End of the trail.

Did you know the cardinal is the state bird of Ohio? Yeah, you probably did.

Not appearing in these photos: a turkey that crossed the trail in front of me but ducked into the woods before I could get the camera ready. Dang.