Memorial Day parade

So who doesn’t love a parade? Cuyahoga Falls does a pretty big one every Memorial Day, complete with veterans, two high school marching bands (and and alumni group), karate clubs, baseball teams and so forth. Lots to see, neighbors to chat with, etc. I saw an RV parked along the route at 7:30 this morning, set up with an awning and tiki torches! Speaking of torches, I’ll be posting photos from an unscheduled bonfire at the trash bin (Dumpster) next door, which set my fence and vine on fire Sunday night. More on that later.

Starting things off.

The ubiquitous Mayor Don Robart.

And the unofficial mayor of Fourth Street, Tony Destro.

Love a woman in uniform.

Look! It’s the leaning tower of Pizza!

The grand marshal?

Your basic Rolls Royce.

I have no idea how this photo got in there.

A member of the Library Brigade works the book cart.

What’s a parade without Model Ts?


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