A Gorge-ous day by the Cuyahoga

Mrs. AkronDave and I took a stroll along the banks of  the mighty Cuyahoga River the other day. Nice to have such pretty scenery in our backyard.

Look! It’s Cousin It! It’s a hillside full of Cousin Its!

Heroically preventing the collapse of the stone walls.

Recently found wandering around a cave …


Youth and Beauty

Youth and Beauty just wrapped up its run at …

There was a Chalk Festival and the Youth and Beauty exhibit going on the same day today. One display was from decades ago. The other will wash away with the next rain. Both were impressive. But I have to say that advertising the Youth and Beauty exhibit as having Ansel Adams photography was really stretching things. I was expecting an array of Adams’ Nine Zones technique with some of his best examples. No. One  decaying, fading print . That’s it. Not terribly impressive. And there were several other photos that, had I submitted them for a class for grading, would have been dinged for the sloppy mounting alone.

But there was plenty of other good stuff, it was a beautiful day and a nice visit to a lovely part of town. (What town? You have to ask?)

Recognize this pensive figure?

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the stone steps. Or, Hello Dali!

Butterfly detail

Hand to mouth, or something like that.



From across the pond

A familiar view on University Circle. Although the Chalk Festival doesn’t happen every day.

Red meat

Yes, I am an unapologetic carnivore. Actually, I’m an omnivore. Just like our ancestors when they first fell out of the tree and discovered the joy of man-caves. But before flat-screen TVs.

Can’t you just hear the sizzle?

Just add butter and a little seasoning …