Fall on me

Twas a lovely, sun-splashed early October day.  How can anyone resist getting out for a little fresh air and fall foliage? They aren’t quite at peak color yet, but there was color enough to earn a few shots on my Nikon D7000.

None of these shots really stood out as the best of the bunch, but this one seemed to have the biggest range of colors. So there you go. I uploaded this in full size (about 8 megs). Usually I go with smaller files just to make them more manageable.

The rodents are plentiful in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, including this filthy chipmunk.

This angle can seem deceptive. It’s downward from the top of the Ledges in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Unsuspecting hikers beneath the Ledges.

And now several selections from the top of The Ledges.

More of The Ledges.

The trail to The Ledges. What they don’t tell you is you can just cut across the field (left) and save about 15 minutes of hiking, which is really nice if you’re lazy. I am lazy.

Here’s a nice burst of color.

Group of kids playing in the field near The Ledges.

There are a fair number of rock formations to be found in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This is one such formation.

I ran a across a high school senior (and her mom, I presume) getting some scenic background at The Ledges for her senior photo. The photog told his subject that the late-afternoon/early evening light was his fave. I must concur. That or early morning light. But that requires getting up early.

Well, I plumb run outta words.

In the valley.

And now to steal a lyric or two from R.E.M.

Buy the sky and sell the sky and lift your arms up to the sky
And ask the sky and ask the sky …

Fall on me


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