A tree grows on the moon

Is that a tree branch sprouting out of the moon?

moon2 2.25

I missed the initial moonrise because I was on the road, but snapped this as soon as I got home. This is from my driveway through my neighbors’ porch with that sprig of tree branch encroaching. No tree on the moon, so no need to write home about it. Wish I had a bigger lens so I could really fill the frame with that sucker, but they are way too expensive to justify the cost. Unless I get a lot better and go pro. To prevent overexposure (in auto-light meter mode), click down your f-stop by about 2 f-stops. Otherwise the moon will wash out into a round white blob. This was shot at f 6.3 and shutter speed was 1/1,250th second. No special filter or color correction.