Get Smart

At long last I have upgraded to a smart phone. I feel smarter already


Feeling smarter already

Yes, at long last I have succumbed to the siren call of the smart phone. I didn’t really NEED a smart phone, except that my old dumb phone had taken one too many tumbles in the parking lot. A hinge was already damaged, and the last drop severed a link to the display screen. So I was literally dialing/receiving blind. Texting was rendered useless, which is kind of a problem cuz my offspring text more than they actually call. Up to this point, I had been perfectly happy with the old beater. It was like basic transportation: It got me from Point A to Point B.

Still, it’s a significant upgrade from the old flip phone, although it also has a drawback or two.


* Better Internet access, including wi-fi, and now I can do that Facebook Thang on my phone.

* Cool ring tones, although I think I lost my Theme from Archer ring tone

* Much better photos. The old phone made fuzzy, low-rez globs. Which could be interesting in an artsy-fartsy sort of way.

* I can do selfies, which the kids say is all the rage.


* Much shorter battery life. All those apps take a toll.

* Need the owner’s manual to figure some of this stuff out. Although once you learn the basics it’s pretty intuitive. Figured out how to turn on wi-fi all by myself!

* All this Internet access can get expensive in a hurry.


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