So there was this slab o’ ribs in the fridge …

Didn’t feel like firing up the grill, so I took the lazy man’s way out and fired up the oven. Cruised the WebOMatic and found a pretty decent recipe … here . I stayed pretty true to the dry rub recipe, but lacking a barbecue sauce, I subbed teriyaki to throw in a little Asian flavor. Not too shabby!  Not sure how well it would go over in Kansas City or anywhere in the Carolinas, but a nice wrinkle on your basic ribs with a dry rub and a few generous coatings of sauce.

It slathers on the lotion ...

It slathers on the lotion …

And now for the pretentious art shot. Or not

And now for the pretentious art shot. Or not. This is my pathetic attempt at artful drizzling. More of a sloppy summer thunderstorm.

The boneyard

The boneyard

That is all. Next time I’ll throw in some mac and cheese and collard greens. Or the Korean equivalent.