Not-quite-ready-for-prime-time fall colors

I’ve noticed some pretty spectacular photos of fall colors popping up on the Intertubes lately, so I thought I’d see what there is to see locally. Stopped at a nearby spot, the High Glens Bridge over the mighty Cuyahoga River, which usually doesn’t disappoint. Well, today was a bit different. There were some bright colors to be found, but clearly we’re a week or so away from peak falls colors here. Maybe if I stray a little further from home I’ll find some better stuff. Meanwhile, some of today’s highlights with minimal editing, mostly for exposure or color correction:

Along the rocky gorge of the Mighty Cuyahoga.

Along the rocky gorge of the Mighty Cuyahoga.

purple fuzzies

yellow flower

Full disclosure: I boosted the contrast on this one a bit because some of the flower details were kind of washed out.

red detail

red framed

Red leaf vert

rust and green on rocks



One thought on “Not-quite-ready-for-prime-time fall colors

  1. Have been enjoying your postings. Beautiful fall pictures. You have quite a style for photography. See you soon. Mom

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