Hanging with the dawgs

I have the company of two funny dogs during the day while staying at my brother’s house. Scooter is a slightly skittish little guy who occasionally shakes like a Chihuahua with DTs. Though outweighed by a good 40 pounds, he is the alpha — though he only exerts his authority once in a while. Crystal is a big Teddy Bear of a pit bull who likes attention. Lots of attention. She’s a bit on the thick side, or as they say on Craigslist, she’s a BBG.

This is me sitting in a recliner.

Crystal: Move over. I’m coming up.

Me: No.

Crystal: Move over.

Me: No, sit.

Crystal: (climbing up) Here I come.

Me: Down! (Apparently she flunked obedience class, because she continues her unrelenting climb, and she’s strong as heck)

Crystal: I told you … (she climbs on my lap — resistance is futile)

Me: Jeez, you weigh a ton

Crystal: More to love, baby

Me: (Sigh) Good thing I don’t have to be anywhere for a while.

Crystal: (snore)




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