Lorain Lakeview Park

This is just a first impression…

White feet

Dang, them’s some white feet!

ah, sand

beach house

beach wide view


I have no idea how this got bin here

I have no idea how this got in here

or this ...

or this …

or this ....

or this ….


flag breezy


And we have flowers

And we have flowers

white roses

yellow roses

rose garden entrance

flag vert 2

Low Rider rides a little slower

Low Rider rides a little slower


2 thoughts on “Lorain Lakeview Park

  1. Wow! Where were the girls found? Is this a safe neighborhood to live in? How is your time occupied now besides work? Loved your pictures on this page. Have been thinking about how you plan to grill at this apartment. Is there an outside area you can use? Tom was wondering. Had a great trip to Pelee and Dearborn Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Are you doing your weekly housekeeping so things don’t pile up??? What do you hear about your house and disillusionment? What kind and size of bed did you get? Happy sleeping. Love, Mom

    • Ha! They were all just at the beach. There was another pic of some girls who were probably underage, so I’m not gonna post those, because that would be kind of creepy. (Imagine me posting photos of Lindsey in a bikini. No!) These photos are from Lakeview Park in Lorain, actually a very nice spot. You saw the roses, right?

      I don’t have a balcony, so grilling might just involve sitting out front of the apartment if grilling at all. Having seen what happens when idiots grill out without the proper precautions, I won’t do anything that could pose a risk of fire. Do you remember my post about the Memorial Day Dumpster fire from (I think) three years ago? Ding-dongs put live charcoal in the Dumpster, it caught fire and nearly caught our house on fire.

      I’ve been exploring the area, getting to know local landmarks. There are plenty of sights around Lorain County — Vermilion and Avon Lake are lovely lakeside communities. Lorain and Elyria have bright spots, and a few rough spots. Every town does, right?

      Downtown Elyria has some lovely spots. Interesting mix of urban and country.
      Yes, I’m keeping things pretty tidy at the apartment. Tight quarters mean I can’t let the garbage pile up. Well, I could, but then I’d be the featured pack-rat on the next “Hoarders” TV show, and I don’t want that!

      My particular neighborhood has some rough spots — there was a police raid last Sunday(June 7) at my apartment complex. Weird story — 12-year-old runaway turned up across the parking lot at my complex with a 2-year-old she was baby-sitting. Ended up with a 20-something man who is now facing rape charges. She was telling guys on the Internet that she was 20 and the toddler was her daughter. Definitely a messed-up situation for all involved. I met some former colleagues of Derek from the FBI in that episode.

      So Elyria is a great news town!

      No progress on the dissolution lately, but I’m ready to move forward with that. I’m getting tired of trucking down to Cuyahoga Falls to mow the grass and all that crap. My car is old, high-mileage, engine is running hot. cannot afford to blow my engine over a stupid lawn-mowing favor for DeAnne. It’s time she grew up and took responsibility for that stuff. Yvonne and Derek shake their heads when I tell ’em I’m still mowing the grass (AND doing plumbing crap) at that house.

      The house is falling apart. So getting out of there probably is a blessing in disguise.

      Well, I’ve rattle on long enough.

      Life is, curiously, pretty good.

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