Totally Cooked wedding

I occasionally moonlight as a bartender for Totally Cooked Catering, mostly for wedding receptions and once in a while office parties or swanky residential parties. Weddings are definitely the most fun. Here’s one I did recently, a rare Friday (July 3) gig.

Money shot!

I would call this the “Money Shot” — caught the bride’s expression of sheer joy as she’s heading out to the wedding ceremony — except that the focus is a little soft. I blame my myopic eyes.



Granny in the maelstrom

TC4 bride heading out


Part of successful catering is working quickly, and nearly invisibly, behind the scenes and making it all pretty. Never let ’em see you sweat!

TC outdoors 2

Happy Days Lodge has nearly perfect facilities for an on-site wedding and reception. Parking can be a bit of an issue, but it’s manageable. When the weather cooperates, it’s just about perfect for an outdoor wedding.


TC bride flash fill

Photography is all about lighting. Here I used a flash to fill in the foreground. If the subject were facing into the building, the flash would illuminate their faces. Otherwise they’d be in shadows.

TC Bride backlit

Here, without flash, the backlight creates shadows behind it. It creates interesting effects, but you wouldn’t be able to see faces in this lighting. Unless you cranked up the exposure. But then the background would wash out. Which also can be an interesting effect.

big room

The big room can be as rustic or as elaborate as your imagination and budget allow. There is also a spacious screened-in side room, kitchen with running water, etc.

TC Wedding ceremony

Our master of ceremonies appears to be eating a flower. This is why a smart photog takes multiple shots from varying angles. Cuz you don’t always see this stuff in the viewfinder.

bride 1

Another reason to take multiple shots. The bride is squinting a bit here, which is of course a challenge on a bright day.

A few particulars to prospective brides and bridegrooms in Northeast Ohio. The facility is Happy Days Lodge off state Route 303 in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Peninsula. Easy access from state Route 8, which has direct connections to I-271 to the north and I-77 / I-76 to the south. They can arrange shuttles to and from nearby hotels for wedding parties (highly recommended for worry-free partying).

Catering by Totally Cooked, based in Cuyahoga Falls. Shameless plug: Great food, excellent staff. And, of course, the Best Bartenders in the World. Call 330-923-9964. Ask for Kristin or Sara.


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