OK, so the water quality could be better. Saw a fair amount of algae and other floatie stuff, perhaps tree mulch (hopefully not anything nastier!). It didn’t smell bad, which is a good thing.

Lakeview Park is only about 10 miles north of my new HQ in Elyria. Takes 20 minutes or so cuz, well, construction and stuff. Lake Erie gets a fair amount of bad pub because of an unfortunate history of being obscenely polluted, but it actually ain’t all that bad. Just stay away after major rain. Stormwater runoff is nasty and there’s no getting past that until the sewer systems are dramatically improved.

I’m still just getting acquainted with Lorain County, so expect new (to me!) photos on a fairly regular basis.




mama with toys


nice arse


That is a tan

That is a tan


sitting up

I have no idea where all these cheesecake shots come from. My viewfinder seems to find them instinctively. Not that I’m complaining. I do have a Jailbait Filter that keeps most of the more-dangerous shots off grid. Most of them.


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