Blue-collar blues in Lo-Rain

The smokestacks aren’t blowing much smoke, if any, lately. While that might be good news for air quality in Lorain, it’s not such good news for steelworkers. On the plus side, there’s plenty of good parking available. Parts of Lorain look like a ghost town, populated by the hulking remains of once-bustling steel plants.


steel13-curly chimneys






Morning Journal

It’s not only the steel mills that are feeling the hurt. The Lorain Morning Journal recently made deep cuts in an already-depleted newsroom. Hardly unique to Lorain, but sad just the same.


Couple of hombres asked if I would put their picture in the paper. Close enough…





steel8-junkyard dog




steel14-ussteel BLUE

steel15-color graffiti


Except for the last three photos posted here, I tweaked the images to give them a sepia-tone look. I initially wanted to do them in black and white, but the sepia was kind of intriguing, suggesting a time long lost. The last three photos are completely unretouched color. The last one, immediately above, has curiously saturated colors. It looks like a painting, don’t you think? The compressed depth of field make the clouds look as if they were painted above the buildings on a canvas. The stacks in some of these images remind me of the album cover of Pink Floyd’s “Animals.”


One thought on “Blue-collar blues in Lo-Rain

  1. I like the sepia photos. And the untouched photos with the rich color are most unusual to my eye. Did the time of day make the difference in the coloring of the last photos? I was so glad to talk with you and catch up on things. Hope you are happy and continue to move forward. Love, Mom

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