Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day, May 28, 2018.

It’s 10-something a.m. on Washington Avenue in bucolic Elyria, Ohio.

Pretty much your standard small-town parade: firetrucks, convertibles, every club and civic organization in town, old soldiers, not-so-old soldiers, Marines, etc., firetrucks, candy, marching bands, vintage cars, a beat-up old Ford station wagon (!), no DeLorean. A cemetery.


Three flags.JPG

Apple princess.JPG

Captain America

Some of us might want to rethink the whole Spandex idea


Green shuttle


Model T's

More Model T's.JPG

Low Rider

Low. Rider. Goes a little slower.


Silly tractors



One thought on “Memorial Day 2018

  1. Fun small town pictures. Just like in the movies. Glad you got to witness the fun in your town. Enjoy your holiday. Love, Mom

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