Brandywine with the offspring

It only took me a week, but here is evidence of our trip to Brandywine Falls, ostensibly to see some fall foliage. Nature was not cooperating. The leaves had hardly begun changing, even though it’s mid-October.

But it’s always fun gathering with the offspring!

Matt and Linz

Brandywine falls.vert

lion cat

The Lion Cat stands watch over his garden, enduring the occasional pat on the head or scratch on the ear. 


I flick you!


owl rock

I found this painted rock in Elyria, hiding in plain sight outside the Chronicle. It is being hidden in plain sight here near Brandywine. Perhaps visitors have been too bedazzled by the waterfalls to notice this humble rock owl.

rock backside

 This cryptic inscription was found on the back.Scary Matt


Woolly Woolly!


That’s all, folks!


One thought on “Brandywine with the offspring

  1. Wonderful pictures of family and Pelee. So glad you send them to me. We arrived home from our trip over 6000 miles of driving. Great sights, much fun and laughs, good visit with Robert. Car worked 100%. Fun to go, fun to return home. Keep the good pictures coming. Loce, Mom

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