Not ready for prime time foliage

I have to preface (in case the header didn’t clue you in) that the fall colors have been disappointing so far this year. Perhaps it could be the unusually warm fall.

Anyway, here’s my second stab at fall foliage, but I think this might be an off year, going mostly straight from green to brown. We’ll see.

touch of red

misty falls


I wish I had a more powerful lens, cuz I had to crop and enlarge this quite a bit, and as you can see, it’s gotten a tad grainy. Someday when I grow up, maybe. 


This would make an excellent haunted house

other misty falls

This was generating a fair amount of mist, so I didn’t hang long for fear of ruining my camera.


orange oak

And them’s pretty much the highlights Oct. 30 in Cascade Park along the Black River in Elyria (a somewhat dingy town in Northeast Ohio). Hey, I’m just sayin’.

Maybe I’ll have better luck in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park/towpath area. Before the leaves all fall off.

And you know what comes next …


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