Akrondave is the brainchild of someone who technically does not live in Akron, but worked in Akron and lived in nearby Cuyahoga Falls and now in Elyria. And let’s face it, Cuyahogafallsdave doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?

David Wilson is a pretty common name, so just to be clear, I am the Dave Wilson in Cuyahoga Falls who was an editor at the Akron Beacon Journal for 10 years, who grew up in Columbus and graduated from Watterson High School and The Ohio State University. (See Curriculum vitae)

I am NOT any of the following David Wilsons:

• Running back at Virginia Tech

• Former star quarterback at Illinois and NFL

• Former Cuyahoga Falls school board member

• The late, great former director of Saturday Night Live.

• The career criminal of the same name (same middle initial) AND same date of birth. He was in Cleveland and has been in courts numerous times and that information has popped up in background checks. Two eliminators: Social Security Number (No, I’m not giving it to you!) and race. And I got an affidavit from the Akron clerk of courts verifying that I’m not that dude.

This is just in Summit County. He apparently once lived in Canton; that was his address when this “evil twin” first surfaced 21 years ago when I went to renew my driver’s license.

Funny true story. I once was a bartender in Columbus a few years back with another David A. Wilson. I was Dave II (He was there first – fair’s fair). Then along came another Dave (not a Wilson), a bar back that the bartenders called Dave 23. Something about a missing chromosome … but I digress.


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