A few pics near Lake Erie

Recent day trip was not entirely satisfying. But at least I got out and about a bit.

French Creek in Sheffield / Sheffield Lake

Here is the source of my greatest disappointment. I had gotten word of an “atmospheric inversion,” a phenomenon where the air immediately above the surface of a body of water acts as a magnifying glass, making faraway objects appear much closer than they actually are. In this case, you could make out the Canadian side of Lake Erie, Cedar Point and other parts along the Lake that normally are not visible from Lorain or Sheffield Lake. For a better look, click here. Colleague Bruce Bishop got a much better shot of it the day before.






Swim meet

Made it to Lindsey’s last swim meet. Her relay team just missed making the state meet by one spot. Dang.

Oh, and it was her 18th birthday. A state qualifier would have been the perfect gift. Ah, well, life ain’t perfect.

Lindsey’s last lap in her last leg in her last event in her last meet in high school competition. She had the lead, but the team finished second in the heat.

Lindsey’s Hoban High School relay team.


Dear Democrats

You whiney cry babies. How many of you voted? How many of you DID NOT vote? Because if you did not vote, you have YOURSELF to blame. Yes, you, you lazy-ass, do-nothing whiner.

Piss and moan all you want, but inaction made the difference in this election. Couldn’t be bothered to take a few minutes to register to vote? Or maybe you registered but couldn’t be bothered enough to take a few minutes out of your oh-so-hectic schedule to vote? Really?

I inconvenienced myself for, oh, maybe 15 minutes on Election Day. Could have spent a half-hour in line voting early at the Board of Elections. Point is, I went to all that trouble to make myself heard where it counts. Facebook doesn’t count. Bumper stickers don’t count. Votes count.

How about you?

Chances are the ones I want to reach with this shame will never see this because you’re far too busy doing whatever you waste your time with.

Point lost on the pointless.

Well, what government we get we deserve.

Thanks a lot.

Ass hole.