He mocks us

In Our Humble Opinion, Conan O’Brien is off to a good start as host of The Tonight Show.


He mocks us!

His old sidekick Andy Richter is back as the “announcer.” He still has Max Weinberg to kick around. He reprised the old “In The Year 2000” bit, fast-forwarding to The Year 3000, which curiously doesn’t seem all that futuristic. And he still does that silly string-puppet thing, among other antics.

But he has a whole new audience for this schtick (in theory, anyway – many TV critics think Conan isn’t trying hard enough to woo the over-50 crowd that apparently is the Tonight Show staple audience. Whatever).

Meanwhile he stays very 21st century in his mockery of Twitter and its Tweeting users. I know, it’s so easy. But fun, nonetheless!


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